Monday, August 5, 2013

Wedding Dress Complete!

Welp! I finished the dress just in the nick of time!!! I had to make lots of adjustments but here it is... 
I used the Cynthia Rowling pattern, Simplicity 1873. I cut a size 14 the but ease in the bust was just way too much. There are a few extra darts on my version. Next time I'll mix a 12 and 14. I think that will solve the problem.

Either way... I love love love this dress. It's comfy and cute! Can't wait to make more. I have some ice cream cone fabric and bumper cars. Once I complete those I'll let myself splurge on more fabric. I have a tendency to pile up on the fabric and fail on the follow through of sewing them. In all fairness though, picking the fabric is by far the very most fun part!

Oh... and PS, the wedding was a complete train wreck! At least I looked DAMN GOOD!

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  1. looks really cute! I like the length. I have this pattern and haven't made it yet, so it is good to know about the sizing:).