Monday, August 12, 2013


The winning streak continues! I don't know if I've ever been more proud of my team! They played like champs this weekend. Everything finally clicked on the track... everyone carried their weight... everyone stayed positive.... what an incredible win! The whole game was neck and neck. I think we had a tied score 3 or 4 times through the course of the game. That's pretty rare. Heading into the fourth and final quarter, it was already established that, win or lose, we were all proud of each other and what we had accomplished. I have never seen my team play so cohesively EVER before. Incredible. There are pictures over here if anyone's interested.

Pregame, I always stay in the night before a game and relax. So Friday night was spent huddled up in my apartment, watching New Girl, making a game day mix, and working on my new fabric design! The "Fashion" contest was so vague I felt like anything could really go... so I did hangers in a 50's boomerang style. The bright orange was completely by accident! I typed the wrong # in and completely fell in love with it. I consider it another win!

Post game, a little recoup time... even though I should have been lounging back, I was still in production mode from the past week... I broke out the next batch of fabric and made a new dress!!! I just have to finish cleaning up the rogue threads and sew on a hook and eye. Planning on wearing it to work tomorrow. I'll make my co-workers take pictures.

And last but definitely not least... I finally sat down to watch Sharknado! It's just as TERRIBLE and HILARIOUS as I thought it would be. We ended up adding some categories to the drinking game cuz it was just too ridiculous. So many things to laugh at!

What a great weekend :)!

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