Monday, August 19, 2013


The Super Secret Craft Time Society was a huge success. We had our first Crafteroon brunch at my place this weekend. There were piles of Sublime Stitching patterns to choose from, all the colors of the rainbow in embroidery floss, and a starter hoop for everyone to add to their craft collection. 

There were several in the group that had never tried embroidery and were worried about the complexity of it. It didn't take long for all fears to subside. Almost everyone left with a completed design! 

So glad everyone was able to make it, and even happier they all had fun. While I was in charge of craft supplies, they were all instructed to bring snacks and drinks. They filled the table with pastries, pastas, and premixed bottles of Mimosas! I didn't even know that was a thing! Yes, lazy way out... but perfect for picnics and beach trips. VERY good to know. 

On a fabric/designing note... Finished my first cut and sew pattern! I found the hardest part writing the instructions. I could easily show someone how to do it, but words are hard! I don't know if it's simple enough or overly simple... am I missing steps... is it even going to work?! I guess time will tell! I'll have to try it out for sure!

Also, my order finally shipped with all my samples and my pixel pinstripe design! There's finally more than one design in my shop. YAY! It's not empty any more!!! So while I wait for the arrival of all my goodies, I'll cut out all my pattern pieces and set up my sewing area. Can't wait!

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