Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The upcoming Dinosaur themed contest has turned into quite a nostalgic project for me! The dinos... the characters... the colors... makes me want to pop on Nickelodeon or something. If these rockin' little T-Rex's ever got their own show, I'd watch it... just sayin!

I'd say I'm about a quarter of the way through, still so much work to do! I sketched out all the characters on paper and am using my tablet to turn them into vectors in Illustrator. That's right! Figured out the basics of how to use my Splash!!! It's saving me piles of time, but I'm sure I have MUCH more to learn. Here's where I am currently...

(Apologies for the poor quality shot... snapped a pic with my phone on the way out the door this morning.)

Half the band is complete! Still a few more guys to go. I have a few different ideas for the background ranging from super simple to preeeeetttyyy complicated. Leaning towards the more complicated plan but not sure if there'll be time this week. I may have to give up sleep!

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