Thursday, August 29, 2013

So-So on Sew-Alongs

SFVlogo250I've never done one... I keep reading about them and I always doubt myself on being able to keep up with them. Between work, and skating, and my boy-toy, and my other project goals I've set, the idea of adding another project with time restrictions freaks me out a little. However, I think I found one that's theme has peaked my interest, and has a big enough time window for me to feel secure enough jump in on. It's the Fall for Cotton Sew-Along hosted by Lucky Lucille and By Gum, By Golly.

Premise is that the fabric needs to be 100% cotton and the finished product needs to be a vintage look. From the sound of it, it can be either a vintage pattern, repro vintage pattern, or turn a modern pattern into a vintage look. Sounds easy enough to me! I've had my eye on one of the Butterick reproduction vintage patterns, B4790, and I believe it's on sale at Joanne's right now. I guess it's time go pick it up. I've seen a version of it in gingham that I loved. But a fun, ditsy floral could be adorable too.

Then again... I've already started planning out my Halloween costume and I know this pattern, Butterick B5281, would work for it. Yes! That's right! A Rockford Peach! Shorten the skirt, add a collar, buttons, and a Baseball Bat... Bing Bang Boom! Maybe this is the perfect time to make it. Plus, I feel like a cute little peach dress would easily become a staple in my wardrobe. Note to self, patches must be removable!


I guess it's time to start fabric shopping!!!

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