Thursday, October 17, 2013

Craft Fast

I've unfortunately found myself in an unplanned Craft Fast. Since finishing the Mini Marquee lights I haven't had a free moment for any of my projects and it's driving me absolutely crazy!!! After this Sunday, life should give me a little breather. I have a long list of things to fill it with.

1. Halloween!!! I need to make my costume and I want to decorate the apartment inside and out. I've found some absolutely amazing tutorials! This is my first year with a front yard since I lived with my parents! I MUST MAKE A GRAVEYARD!!! ABSOLUTELY HAVE TOO!

2. Bumper Car skirt! The last bit of exciting fabric in my stash and I finally have a pattern for it. Monday night I made my way to Joann's Fabric and picked up a few more simplicity patterns! They had their 5 for $5 sale and I love them for it! Starting tomorrow, Butterick Patterns go on sale, 5 for $7, so I may need to swing by again. My pattern arsenal is practically complete. I've managed to get all the basics I could want. 

3. Trip to the loft! I completed so many projects this month. Hooray for new clothes! Boo for lack of fabric!!! I have specific ideas this time, so I plan on wandering around the fashion district next weekend and getting some goodies!

4. Design time. I have a whole bunch of new fabric designs in the works. I just need to sit down and finish them. I thought I'd challenge myself to make an actual, cohesive collection of designs. My goal is to have 4-5 unique designs, in multiple colors, done in time for the Ghost's context next week. Wish me luck!

5. Last but not least... I had a failed gift for my boyfriends birthday. There will be a whole write up on that. Big fail to McCall's for shitty directions. And shame on me for not catching it right away.

Just a few more days til there's time for me again!!! Hurry up weekend! I want my freedom back!!!

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