Sunday, October 6, 2013

All Lit Up!

My man's birthday is next weekend. While he was outta town this weekend, I got to work. I used Oh, Happy Day's Marquee light tutorial as a foundation of the project. He has his own business and little workshop so I thought some DIY signage would be adorable... I mean MANLY!
Little changes, I made the letters out of foam board, and hot glue to attach the card stock edges. The result was a crazy sturdy letter... And some pretty gnarly blisters. Seriously! I didn't think it totally through. Using a thicker board means that much more work to cut it out. Looks amazing though!!
I used a cranberry red spray paint with a very light bronze sparkly top coat. It took almost as long to get all the light bulbs popped in as it did to cut out the letters. I recommend noting the length of wire between each bulb when mapping out the holes for the letters. So glad I did that!!! My light strand had only 2" between the bulbs. It's really not a lot to work with. Untwist the strand as much as possible before you get started. Just another friendly lesson from someone who learned the hard way.
I love this project so much! I want to make one for myself! And then one for my apartment! I may make up a whole bench of letters so I can put them on a shelf and change the words around whenever I feel like it. How cool would that be?

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