Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BOO-berry Pie!

Here are my latest completed designs. They both feel unfinished to me though, probably because I prepped so much to make them, and then rushed to digitize them. No balance in life right now, BOOOOO!!!! 

Paisley Ghosts - Orange

Anyway, the concept of this was Paisley Ghosts. I was trying to give them a bit of a lacy look to them, but I feel the lines and shapes got a bit heavy here and there. A few of the ghosts are my absolute best friends and were so damn cooperative with me. Some of the others well, immortal enemies! I tried kept the colors in line with the pie bunting, a little bit of a fall feel to it. There are a few more in the works and I can't wait til I have the time to complete them!

Pie Bunting!

Side note, I don't know if it's me not being able to step away and call something finished, or if this is a legitimate worry... But I often feel that there's just one thing missing each time I finish a design. It's so rare for me to step away from any project thinking "This is perfect! There is absolutely nothing to add or change." Maybe I do need to slow down, and take more time. Maybe there are things to add... but what? I need to start adding in time to get some feedback. But first, I need to find people to give it!

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