Thursday, October 31, 2013

A League of My Own!

I did it! I finished my Halloween Costume!!! 

That's right! I'm Kit! The spunky pitcher and little sister from A League of Their Own. It was only after I ordered my peach fabric that I realized they were selling this costume on all the Sexy (ANY NOUN HERE) Costume sites. But can we all agree, that Homemade Halloween trumps all? I'm taking pride in my costume this year and am hoping it's the first in my grown up dress up collection!

Little tid-bits and facts on construction. I used Simplicity 1880, and modified the front bodice for the asymmetrical closure up the front. I definitely winged the alterations so I have absolutely no technical anything for you here. No other changes were made. I love the cap sleeves! They're perfect and adorable. I'm not a fan of how the skirt lies though. I think for future, everyday dress, versions, I'll probably get rid of the front seam.

For the rest of the accessories, I spent Halloween Eve (or Mischief Night where I come from!) going from store to store in search of red socks, hat and belt. I went to 5, yes 5 stores before I (somewhat) found what I was looking for. Red socks, compliments of Target's clearance end cap! Red Belt from ribbon found at Michael's! And also from Michael's, a pink hat mixed with the red spray paint from the Marquee Sign! The Patches were both freehand copies with Puff Paint done late last night, and hot glued on just before I ran out the door for work.

Speaking of work. Here's a group shot at our Pot Luck Lunch. Can you see me? Yeah... Let's put the short person, with the awesome homemade costume in the very back... that's a good idea!


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