Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TWO MORE! I'm on a roll!!!

It's stupid... Life has gotten busier and I've managed to stay just as productive, if not more so! Why can't I get this much done when I have oodles of free time?

Anywho! I took the step to actually link my SpoonFlower profile to this page (which by the way is here ), just another little thing to remind me to keep making things. I've gotten two more little designs done for the next two contests. Hopefully being a little ahead will give me sometime to brainstorm for the next themes.

First is the 8-Bit design. It's pretty simple but I'm really pleased with it. Someday I'll make myself a geek chic dress out of it!!!

Second is the Fireflies design. It looks like it's actually glowing! YAY! I'm so happy it worked! Plus, it was about time purple made an appearance into one of these. Took long enough.

Still haven't finished the dress for the wedding... I HAVE to do that tomorrow. It's just all the little finishings... in other words... the time consuming shit. Damn.


  1. Congrats on your winning design! It will make a great pair of jeans!

    1. Thanks Ginger! I agree! I can't wait to see what BetaBrand makes!