Friday, September 27, 2013

Blurry Pixel Pinstripe Complete! Simplicity 1803

I need to get more professional with my picture taking... which means, I need to take advantages of my weekends! No more nighttime or iPhone photo shoots. They are not paying off. Here's a blurry photo of my throw pillows:

I just need to stitch up the fluff holes, yes I'm pretty sure that's the technical term for it. There's plenty of extra fabric for more pillows. I've been scouring Pinterest for more ideas. Pretty sure this flower pillow is an absolute must! I'm thinking a big yellow flower on the blue chevron fabric. Or blue on the yellow? Or yellow on the flamingo?! SO MANY CHOICES! 

And here is a blurry photo of my Pinstripe Dress:

It's probably a good thing that last one is blurry. Just like all of grade school photos, my hair is ALWAYS a mess on photo days. Such a shame... every other day this week my hair actually looked good. Shame on me. 

I used Simplicity 1803 again, but this time view B. I removed the front center seam and cut the front bodice piece on the fold. Why do they have a seam down the middle? Isn't that strange? Anyway the only other change I made was chopping off a good 6+ inches from the skirt. It lands just above the knee, my favorite length.

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